Call to Experts in all fields to get into Digital Race.. Now is the time.


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Why a call to actions for experts in various fields to get into the digital race ?  Everyone would say this is nothing new after all we heard Marc Andreessen say “Why Software Is Eating The World”.  The question is who needs to be the driving active participant in the digital race,  who will define the future in that field.. like Medicine, Education, politics, etc.  In “The Second Machine Age”  by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee are optimistic about the future in which people with new skills have more important role to play with digital technologies combined together providing new innovations. Here again who are the new experts who will determine the future, Computer Science experts or the functional experts like doctors, Agricultural scientists etc..  It is easy to say both will join together to create the new world.

If the innovators in digital technologies and Computer science drive the future,  the functional experts in Medicine, Agriculture will be followers.  We already see Google creating the driverless car and not any of the current largest automotive companies.  Same thing can happen in other fields, example Vinod Khosala article “Do we need Doctors or Algorithms“. Hence the call to experts in all fields to get into the digital race for their own future.   Would you like a computer science expert (Man or Machine) teach you medicine, agriculture, Finance?

Leaders in every field now have the opportunity to shape things at the confluence of digital and functional domains.  Right now the digital experts are winning…

How should experts in each field including the educational institutions deal with the impact of this confluence to better shape the future direction of their field.  It is clear in some fields the existing experts will be ruled by digital experts and in some others the functional experts will drive the innovations in digital space for improving their field or Industry.

Experts from which Industries or fields will be first impacted the most is probably a separate topic of discussion.

Perhaps leaders in every functional domain need to map out their future to better develop strategy using Simon Wardley’s mapping techniques.  Perhaps the leaders in education in various fields need to craft their own digital strategy or change education in fundamental way of including targeted disruptive technologies relevant to their field in their curriculum now.

How would we like to Imagine the future experts of medicine, art, science, finance, climate change etc.because it will be the future our children will inherit.